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Intuitive Energy Healing

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Reiki Treatment

Intuitive Reiki Healing

Balance Your Chakras

Intuitive Reiki is an integrative and complimentary energy healing modality. It uses the transfer of energy through both "laying of hands" on the individual and/or above the body. This promotes relaxation, reduction of physical symptoms/illnesses, and improved emotional health. This modality can be tailored to fit specific needs of the individual. Reiki is used in many hospitals around the world such as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins, and Harvard Medical School for complimentary care for a variety of health issues such as cancer support and pain management. The intuitive aspect of this modality allows for the practitioner to read the subtle energies of the body and in the energy field around you. It is through being able to read the energy that greater insight and healing can occur. This can help reveal deep rooted experiences and belief patterns that have been creating blocks. By understanding the messages in the energy, you may also receive guidance and support in discovering choices that would continue to raise your vibration thus leading to greater healing. The Reiki energy assists in shifting the vibration of these blocks so that you feel more balanced, motivated to make positive changes in your life, and more spiritually awake. 

Here are some of the possible benefits experienced after an Intuitive Reiki Session. 

  • Relieve Pain

  • Speed Healing process

  • Reduce stress and stress reactions

  • Create a deep state of relaxation

  • Decrease anxiety and depression

  • Lower blood pressure & slow respiration

  • Help insomnia

  • Balance the body's energies

  • Loosen up blocked energy

  • Vitalize both body & spirit

  • Re-establish spiritual equilibrium and mental wellbeing

  • Cleanse/purify the body of toxins

  • A holistic healing method that compliments any other form of treatment

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